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Variation of Blood Dielectric Behavior in Microwave Range under Cancer Development in Human Body


A.N. Romanov, A.O. Kovrigin, V.A. Lubennikov, A.F. Lazarev, N.A. Romanova

The observed data on dielectric behavior of blood, plasma, serum, and blood corpuscles in frequency range of 400 MHz - 1.2 GHz under cancer development using the bridge technique are presented. The influence of nosology, temperature, and component structure are studied, and the relationship between the dielectric behavior and the signal frequency and solute mass concentration is defined. It is found that the serum refraction index (n) depends on potassium content while the influence of other substances within the accuracy is insignificant. The absorption index () is effected by potassium, sodium, glucose, urea and bilirubin. The n and  values decrease as the frequency grows. It can be associated with the reduction at high frequencies of ionic conductivity of intracellular fluid which occurs in blood corpuscles and consists in water solution of mineral salt and organic matters. The influence of particular protein components on serum dielectric behavior is investigated. The assumption as to cancer diagnostics by dielectric behavior of blood and its derivatives is made. The work is carried out under the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project No 08-02-98000-р_Sibir) and Department of Economic Development and Investment of Altai Krai (government contract No18-08ф).

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