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Adaptability of the control system with the identifier and reference model without measurement of the derivative of the vector of the condition


А. М. Bronnikov, D. А. Zhuravlev, V. P. Khar’kov

In article conditions of the set accuracy of tracking reference model of a control system with the identifier for multicoherent non-stationary linear control systems with parametrical and external indignations are considered. Requirements on accuracy of tracking are formed in the form of restriction by a preset value of norm of an error on all time interval of work of system. The set accuracy of tracking reference model is provided at the simplified requirements to the identifier and does not communicate directly with accuracy of estimations of parameter. At calculation of estimations of parameters of system in algorithm of current identification instead of a derivative of a vector of a condition its low-frequency estionation is used. The given estimation is defined by processing of a signal of a vector of a condition of the filter of high frequencies. Influence of transfer function of the filter on dynamics of an error of tracking is analyzed. Conditions at which performance the norm of an error of tracking foes not exceed the setablished value are received. The received conditions impose certain restrictions on structure of object of management and reference model At their performance accuracy of tracking is defined by characteristics of the used filter and norm identifications are nonviscous. It is nonviscous identifications represents a difference between the right parts of model of object and its foreteller in algorithm of current identification. The given is nonviscous quickly converges to small size under conditions simple and executed in practice. The example from area of maintenance of the set characteristics of stability and controllability in longitudinal movement of the plane is resulted. Results of work can be used at synthesis of laws of management by non-stationary linear objects with parametrical uncertainty.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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