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I.V. Radysh, T.V. Koroteeva, V.I. Torshin, B.B. Radysh, A.A. Maryanovsky, Y.P. Starshinov

The article is devoted to study quality of life (QL) in the healthy and with neuocirculatory dystonia women of different ethnic groups. The 83 healthy women volunteers (from them 45 Russian and 38 Greece) and 156 with neurocirculatory dys-tonia (from them 67 Russian and 65 Greece) aged 20 to 30 years in mid-follicular of the menstrual cycle in the spring were examined. Inspection was included the women having in three and more generations the parents of one nationality and living on one territory (living in Pyatigorsk and Essentuky) as minimum three generations. The estimation quality of life women was spent by means of the Russian-speaking version of international standardized questionnaire SF-36. In group sick neurocirculatory dystonia of women studying parameters quality of life was spent by before and after antihomotoxic therapy by complex biological preparations (Kralonin, Gormel S, Cerebrum compositum and Ovarium compositum). Is established, that the parameters quality of life (PF, RP, BP,GH, RE, MH) significant higher (р<0,05) in Rus-sian, SF and VT in Greece. Significant decrease in parameters QL in the patients with neurocirculatory dystonia in comparison with healthy is established, especially in group of Greece. Exception was made with the parameters of the general mental health which are coming nearer those at healthy persons. Especially differed in the worst party of the characteristic of a physical condition, activity of patients is essentially lowered and their fatigue is raised. As a whole the condition of physical functioning at patients has appeared is lowered in 1,5 times in comparison with healthy. The realization antihomotoxic therapy by complex biological preparations promotes normalization of parameters of quality of life in the patients with neurocirculatory dystonia, which is more expressed in group Greece. Thus first of all substantially increased in the patients according to the indices of psychological health (r < 0,001), especially in Russian and also the Physical Functioning (PF) – (p< 0,001) is especial in Greece.
May 29, 2020

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