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Influence of a Dry Friction and High-Frequency External Force on Acoustic Oscillations of One-Dimensional System


A.V. Harlanov

There is a considerable quantity of the experimental data testifying to strong influence on biological objects of variously modulated electromagnetic waves. One of possible mechanisms is connected with excitation and maintenance of acoustic oscillations of cellular membranes. The basic complexity of excitation of acoustic oscillations by means of the electromagnetic consists that speeds of their distribution differ on some usages. In article questions of a role of a dry friction and the high-frequency modulated force in the compelled oscillations of a membrane are considered. It has been received that the dry friction can favor to the compelled oscillations of a membrane at influence on it the high-frequency modulated force. The effect not linearly depends on size of force of a dry friction. Also it has been shown that frequency of modulation of an external high-frequency signal influences amplitude of acoustic oscillations. Thus, in spite of the fact that high-frequency external force and force of a friction should influence not so favorably acoustic oscillations of the cage, the received results show that their role in these oscillations not so is simple, as it can seem. The received results should be considered from the qualitative point of view as at the given stage of development of a science, it is very little known about functioning and cage parameters. At more exact decision of a problem of excitation of acoustic oscillations of a cellular membrane, with all known characteristics, results can both quantitatively, and qualitatively to change – there will be new favorable frequencies, kinds of modulations.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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