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Experimental Research of the Dependence of Wheat Grain Spectrum of Influence of Low Intensity Microwave Radiation by Hemometrical Methods


R.N. Nikulin, I.O. Kulago, S.I. Nikolaev, S.N. Rodionov, A.G. Shein, D.G. Artemova, M.P. Nikulina, I.E. Papikin

The results of experimental research of the dependence of wheat grain spectrum in infrared range from the length of influence of low intensity microwave radiation are presents. Changes of wheat grain spectrum depending on the length of influence of low intensity microwave radiation on the fixed frequency were the main goal of experimental research. Experimental equipment consists of generator of high-frequency signals, connected to a horn antenna. This generator used in the mode of unmodulated oscillation. The irradiation was spent at the fixed frequency of 12.5 GHz. Power flux density was 1 W/m2 (0,1 mW/cm2). The quantity of energy of the microwave radiation transferred to wheat grain from different parties was changed by duration of their irradiation. 35 parties of grain from one till 35 minutes with interval of one minute have been processed. After irradiation of wheat grain spectral analysis was carried out. For the investigation of «storing» effect by the influence of microwave radiation on wheat grain the spectral analysis with interval in 2 days three times was carried out. The spectrum of irradiated wheat grains carried out on infrared analyzer InfraLYuM FT-10. When the spectra of samples obtained they was analyzing by using the chemometric processing of spectral data «Parcel». Founded, that the microwave radiation is perceived by grain not proportionally to time of influence or quantity of the transferred energy, and in biological systems there are some mechanisms, which activates certain processes in accumulation of energy. This effect can be called «nonlinearity of process of interaction of wheat grain with radiation». With the hemometrical methods of analysis of wheat grain spectrum in infrared irradiated with the low intensity microwave radiation, it is shown that in biological systems exists mechanisms of accumulation and the subsequent dispersion of the energy received as a result of the microwave oven of an irradiation. In the same time it is shown that the effect of influence of microwave radiation on wheat seeds remains for long time in comparison with duration of irradiation that is reflected in spectra of the irradiated seeds.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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