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Experimental Check of Spatial-Temporal Resonance


A.V. Harlanov, A.А. Tarletsky, D.I. Stepanenko

At excitation of the oscillations depending not only from time, but also from coordinates (for example, excitation of mechanical oscillations of a cell membrane by external force), arises a question: whether the resonance will have only time character, that is to depend on frequency of compelling force, or spatial character (force distribution on coordinates) will matter. The Particular interest represents excitation of acoustic oscillations of a cell under the influence of an electromagnetic wave. In the given work oscillations of objects under the influence of the variable distributed loading were inves-tigated. The simplified model is used: object of acoustic oscillations – the metal string fixed from two parties. The magnetic field – constant, is realized by means of electromagnetic coils. Oscillations are raised owing to course on a metal string of an alternating current. Polarity of coils changes by means of switches, and magnetic field size – by means of variable resistors. The amplitude of oscillations of a string acted in film by means of various sound pickups. By results of experiences it has been received that the maximum deviation of a string arises, when frequency of an alternating current coincides with own frequency of a string and along a string one half wave keeps within. It corresponds to theoretical calculations. Given result can explain influence of electromagnetic waves on a cage. At an irradiation of a cell the electromagnetic oscillations which electric component can represent itself as compelling force of acoustic oscillations of a membrane arise an elec-tromagnetic wave, in it. Experiences have shown, under what conditions probably excitation of these oscillations.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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