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Error Estimation in Structural-Analytical Designing of the Difficult Measuring Systems


U P. Mukha, I.U. Koroleva, A.V. Silkin

The problem of the error measuring is very up to date. The previous system of error measuring has been destroyed in recent decades and a new system has not been created yet. There is no formal method passing certification of the bottom level elements upward, though at a lower level in most cases they are certified. The exact verification is an extremely important prerequisite of proper system working. For example, medicine systems which are the part of the difficult measuring complexes influence human’s life. It is a very important topic. So it is necessary to conduct metrological verification of difficult measuring systems to estimate system accuracy but there is technique to solve this problem. Resolve is a new errors estimation technique. Such method is proposed by the author. Structural-analytical approach to designing was chosen as a base for formal theoretical apparatus submitted in the Professor Yurij Mucha (Volgograd State Technical University) and his school works. The mathematical foundation of the method is categories and functors theory. Among the multitude of the metrological analysis approaches to determine the errors the preference should be given to the operational method proposed by Professor Eric Tsvetkov (Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University) in the measurement area. The general concept of the technique after analytical optimization of the next formed block using apparatus of mathematical metrology derived expressions for the errors of the block, and concludes that satisfy a received error in initial conditions, and what measures are necessary to bring the values of the errors to required. The technique has several advantages: it has a high level of generality for any substantive section of measurements and makes it possible to accelerate the designing and allows receiving and analyzing all errors types and characteristics. Software for difficult measuring systems designing and errors estimation phase using suggested technique have being completed. Also the human’s voice diagnostic device have been designed used this technique. An overall scheme has been obtained. It consists of a signal reception block, primary signal conversion and comparison «ideal» signal blocks, which are composited of the microphone, ADC, memory, discrete Fourier transform, filter, compare the signals and storing models units. Device input is acoustic vibration of air produced by human voice. Categorical, graph, operational and analytical-algorithmic representations described the structure, function and accuracy of each block were obtained using suggested technique. These results are showing efficiency and importance of this technique for a correct results evaluation.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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