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World tendencies of infocommunication


V. V. Alexandrov, V. A. Sarychev, A.Y. Aksenov

Science, innovation and technology results to specific language of technology of application domain. Fundamentally important is not the nanotechnology label, but hi-tech, information technology, internet technology, intelligent systems and the “digital transparency”. Their qualitative and functional characteristics: hardware and software intellect depend on the mastering of the 40nm and smaller technology in mass production chips. There is a linguistic problem of an adequate semantic, cognitive mapping of language of technology and profession into the language of communication. Specificity of technology language is revealed through the glossary – the conceptual dictionary of profession, which is generally not publicly understandable. Every innovation, as a rule, changes the dictionary of the application domain language. Causal relationship between spoken language and language of technologies are enclosed. And it is not the language that shapes specialists profession, but the application domain creates a language of profession. Glossary is named and is generated by the anthology of the subject and creates an ontology (a conceptual nature of the profession). In contrast to the language of technology, traditional dictionaries lead to mutually contradictory definitions. As the innovations are changing rapidly so does the dictionary, which makes actual permanent updating of the glossary and its interpretative comparison in different languages.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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