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Information support of design process of navigation equipment of customers GLONASS/GPS


M.A. Konovalov

The modern navigation equipment of customers, working on signals of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) GLONASS/GPS, represents a difficult hardware-software complex. Typical NAP GLONASS/GPS provides position fixes of a customer within all globe at any time year and days stationarily or in dynamics at direct radio visibility not less than four navigation space vehicles and at correspondence of characteristics of signals to the interface control documents of GNSS GLONASS and GPS. For display of results of the decision of navigation and service tasks and information input/conclusion navigation equipment of customers incorporates the display and a row wire (USB, RS 232) and wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) the interfaces providing information user interaction and exterior devices. Market navigation equipment of customers is today one of the most dynamical and quickly developing sectors of the market of radio navigational equipment. For it short cycles of an output of products on the market, a high competition and saturation by innovations are characteristic. What to provide competitiveness in the market commercial navigation equipment of customers at product development even more often the concept of a numeral prototype of a product and work within the limits of uniform information environment of the enterprise-developer of a product is applied. Important component efficiency of led operations on support of all life cycle navigation equipment of customers within the limits of uniform information environment the enterprises quality of filling and an amount of the data, storable in reference databases (DB) is. The specifications and technical documentation (reference document), the typical elements used by working out/construction/manufacture navigation equipment of customers can be stored In such DB, convergence about used radio component, materials, elements of technological processes, etc. it is necessary to mark that, as a rule, elements of such DB have the reference against each other. As such DB are central in the sense that the basic information on elements is stored in them (types and seats of radio component, three-dimensional models of radio component, mark of materials, the reference document, etc.) and the storable information is applied at all stages of life cycle navigation equipment of customers, according to CALS - technology, it is necessary to give particular attention to reliability storable there the data and to adjustment and attending procedures. The errors admitted at formation by such DB, negatively affect quality navigation equipment of customers and demand the considerable temporal and financial expenses for elimination. For preventing of appearance of errors in a DB multistage control of the data brought in a DB is offered. Elements of such control is the work technique on depositing/change of record of radio component in a DB and algorithm of the program checking passage of control of each record by radio component. The technique is based on determination of centers of responsibility, a route of passage of the data and formalization of rules of data handling/control on each of stages of operations. Application of the developed technique of check of a DB allows to lead operations on check of a correctness of the data stored in a DB and to reveal errors still until when the data from a DB will be involved in design processes and manufactures navigation equipment of customers. The approach stated in a technique allows to carry out the single-valued check of the data stored in a DB, and allows designers navigation equipment of customers to use already checked data that positively affects periods of development and quality of the designer documentation on navigation equipment of customers. Application of the developed algorithm of validation of entrance of the given element in group of specifications, allows to reduce considerably volume of the manual operations led by the manager of a DB at work on addition/updating of the data, stored in a DB.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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