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Statistical signs of condensed signals transferred in multiplexers with constant cyclic structure


Al. Sezov, Al. Jakovlev

The article describes digital communication techniques which can be helpful in development of advanced facilities for reception, testing and processing of high-speed signals intended to be used in current and prospective digital lines. The object of the article is to give grounds for presence of statistical attributes in heterogeneous multiplexed signals transmitted by dynamic and static multiplexers with constant cycle structure. The article illustrates that similar parameters of signals transmitted in multiplex digital flow have interframe correlation. This statement allows to apply correlation analysis to multiplexed data steam in order to detect periodic component in a digital sequence and define channel time slots allocated for transmitting the signal from one source. Applied correlation analysis is based on estimation of normalized signal covariance in activity/pause intervals.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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