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Physical concept of information in relation to problems of measurement and management of audio-visual data redundancy


O. V. Tsvetkov

Development of information technology in general, and distribution technologies and high-speed multi-channel distribution of the so-called mass media requires an adequate improvement of the theoretical foundations of computer science, refinement and concretization of the concepts, among which one of the most degraded and thus the most commonly used - the concept of information. The problem of uncertainty of the concept of «information» showed up almost immediately with the beginning of wide distribution in various areas of application of ideas proposed by Nyquist, Hartley and Shannon, who later formed the basis of the new theory, called information theory. The adequate conception of information demands defining of much information content’s aspects including external (actual) to internal (potential) system information (carrier) ratio. Also, revealing of information nature needs taking into account number of its transformations. In practical application of physical information conception the key problem is to separate properties of information from properties of carrier. Despite the fact that information does not exist without its carrier and the carrier has its own physical properties, the same information could be transmitted via carriers of different physical properties. The practical value of this research is in efficiency improvement of existing and developing systems, lowering the cost of existing video channel distribution without decreasing quality of other channels.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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