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Fast computations: production algorithm for grammar recognition


V. O. Korolkova, O. F. Korolkov, E. A. Titenko

In the article new forms of representation of production algorithm for acceleration of syntax (grammatical) recognition procedures of grammatical constructs and hardware means of recognition algorithm are considered. In the results of given structures the possibility of algorithmic control of memory registers for processing words is realized, which lets the analysis of not all but the part of word, reducing computational complexity of grammatical recognition algorithm. Besides that, the mean of unified production construction, in which set of modificators defines as an array,is developed. With that the mean, letting the use of trees for dynamic access to table cells for construction full address of needed modificator, is developed. The chief advantage of considered device is reducing timing with the help of smart strategy of grammatical recognition, letting the control of analysis process of processing word and forming of modificator’s address. The results can be recommended for solving of tasks for grammatical recognition not only in compilation processes in the operational systems, but in the grammatical recognition for analysis and processing of formal and natural languages for structural linguistic.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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