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Algorithmic tools of the high-speed search in the workflow automation systems in standard organizations


A. S. Tkachenko, V. M. Dovgal, L. B. Belov

The article is devoted to the performance of workflow systems . We outline the main features of workflow systems in organizations and give conditions for their effective work. Particular attention is paid to the search algorithm used in these systems. We examine the shortcomings of the algorithms widely used in the present and proposed a solution to one of the essential problems of popular search algorithms – slow speed of the search for periodic patterns. As a result of structural and linguistic analysis of the samples has been developed algorithm, which is based on the principle of the Boyer-Moore algorithm – very fast algorithm for universal input data. We consider the principle of the algorithm execution and calculate the difference between the values of the speed of the algorithm and its underlying algorithm of Boyer-Moore, the dependence of these values on the number of iterations of the repeated patterns and their length. The example of the work of the algorithm is also shown in the article.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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