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Experimental test of the aerodynamic group object discrimination method through radar images


S. A. Vashkevich, Ye. V. Maslyonkin, Yu. Yu. Krisenko

Reflected from various objects signal separation is one of active radiolocation classic problem. Widely known, that enough to separate signals by one after one parameter so that discrimination problem is solved. In accordance with indeterminacy principle resolution capability depends up the ranging signal kind. Pulse radar is characterized by time division of signals (by range division), while continuous wave radar is characterized by Doppler frequency division (by speed division). However group object observation aspect angle have an substantial impact on one-parameter discrimination, that prevent for effective object discrimination. Two-dimensional radar images are offered to apply for efficiency upgrading. One of the most stable and simple in realization radar images generation algorithm, based on digital inverse synthetic aperture in the pulse tracking radar, is described in this article. Experimental tests of this algorithm were carried out on the modern radar engineering basis using small size aircrafts. During the experiment aircrafts formed one group object, which size was not exceed of half radar pulse capacity. The group object motion trajectory enabled to observe it by various aspect angles. The radar automatically followed by the group object location, returned signals were on-line mode digitized and were written to the computer memory. Obtained and processed by computer observation data demonstrated the aerodynamic group object radar images generation capability, permits to estimate discrimination efficiency, to educe necessary coherent accumulation interval duration, to test the autofocus algorithm stability and performance, the radar operator two-dimensional discrimination ergonomic properties.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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