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Distance calculation method of low-level television image for helicopter pilots


M. V. Fyodorov, A. A. Esev, E. M. Eryomin

The aim is to develop a method for calculating the range of the low-level television imaging systems used by pilots of helicopters at night. When used on helicopters as a means of thermal imaging night vision or low-level television images for review out cabin space and maintenance of spatial orientation there is congestion in the sensory-perceptual and cognitive processes, which leads to [3 – 8, 14, 15, 19]: – Reduce the accuracy of piloting is approximately 2 times; – Reduce the control storage of flight parameters (more than 80% of the time allocated watching TV or thermal imaging on the indicators that can not accurately determine the true value of the velocity, height and spatial position of the helicopter, to remove obstacles, etc.); – Structural damage of control movements (there are up to 40% of synchronous movements in control of the helicopter and review complex); – Reduce the rate of crawl spaces (up to 0,5 ... 1,5 º / s); – High neuro-emotional stress and load limit attention to the pilot. Therefore, the practical importance are the design and subsequent testing of night vision equipment, essential for carrying out that that a certain range of the means of night vision goggles. Calculation of range of the low-level television systems, imaging is carried out based on the fact that the output video module unit, have signal to noise ratio. Our results show good convergence of simulation results with the results of experimental determination of the distance during the flight tests of helicopters that can be recommended, the method for use in the design and subsequent testing of night vision equipment, intended for pilots of helicopters.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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