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Simulation of the process of recognition of radar targets using ultra-wideband signals


Yu. A. Kavin, D. M. Seryogin, P. S. Berdyugin

Analyzes the characteristics of radar-frequency phase manipulated signals with a wide range in which it can be used to detect objects of different classes. Synthesized by the algorithm and the block diagram of the device object recognition on the basis of the difference «between modules of the correlation integrals» . In a system SIMULINK built a simulation model of the signal reflected to the complex configuration of it is matched filtering in the frequency domain using fast Fourier transform and recognition process. Based simulation model, the dependence of probability of correct recognition of the object class of warheads on the background of the object class lightweight decoy of the noise power in the channel reception.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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