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Instrumental facilities of fast symbol processing in systems of document management of typical organization


I. S. Zerin, V. M. Dovgal, L. B. Belov

This article pays attention to instrumental facilities for accleration of paticular case of Markov production with multiple intersections of example and modifier, which reduce speed efficiency of fast symbol processing system. One of the most important purposes of this system is efficiently direction of documents. Mentioned case are analyzed and find out, that construction process of such production cann`t be correctly complete. Authors offers algorithm for management of work process for such king of production without reduce speed efficiency of fast symbol processing system. This algorithm allows to choose production with highest priorty intersection for performing on each step of construction process on base of possible intersections in Markov production. This algorithm on all possible case of containing modifier in example produce result equal to canonical markov process.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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