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Estimation time of clearing audiences of educational institution at evacuation of people


V. S. Titov, V. V. Teplova

In article the approach to an estimation time of clearing audience in the course of evacuation of people is offered at a fire, considering features of distribution of obstacles in audiences and movements of people by means of the terrain theory and casual pulse streams. Possible movement of people in educational institution in the course of evacuation can be set by means of casual pulse streams. Merge of separate human streams in the total occurs before a doorway. The streams following to a place of merge, have different throughput because of various width of ways and unequal intensity of movement. Besides, not all people approaching to a place of merge, simultaneously participate in formation of a total stream, but only their some part; the others accumulate in a merge place. Merge process goes with participation of all streams until when any of streams will run low.Process in the same way proceeds before full end. In the course of evacuation there can be «disputed» situations caused on the one hand by merge of separate human streams in total, and on the other hand by limited and not changing throughput of ways of evacuation (doorway). As a result of revealing of «disputed» situations in the course of evacuation of people from educational institution audiences at a fire the decision on change of a way of evacuation or use besides a doorway of additional ways of evacuation (windows) can be accepted. Similarly definition of possibility of occurrence of «disputed» situations at merge of human streams in corridors and on ladder platforms of educational institution in the course of evacuation can be carried out at a fire.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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