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Optimization Scheme of Power Computer Equipment


T.S. Abbasova

The application of alternative energy sources to supplement or fully replace diesel generators in the consolidated computing infrastructure to manage industrial facilities electrical complexes. It is shown that the use of geliogeneratorov most promising in terms of environmental impact and reduce operating costs, since it is possible to generate its own energy. Investigated the circuits of the Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems: distributed, centralized and combined. Distributed scheme consists of many small uninterruptible power supply, each of which protects a single item of equipment. It is most simple in construction and the most common. Centralized scheme contains a single large monolithic UPS for all equipment. Combined scheme combines the distributed and centralized bath systems to increase opportunities for power management. Special cases of the combined power schemes for modern loads. The choice of a two-level power scheme with the use of solar plants. To determine the energy efficiency elements of the smooth-pit of the ratio of useful effect from the use of energy (output power driven equipment) to the cost of energy resources (the total supplied electricity), produced in order to obtain such an effect (in this case applied to provide power to computer equipment). It is shown that increasing the efficiency of the primary element of continuity of nutrient-UPS reduced power consumption of computing equipment and increases by the battery of the UPS. Increased efficiency of solar cells leads to a decrease in their area. The cost of energy generated by solar panels as a backup, and more, can be reduced by reducing their size, since the specific investments are calculated per unit of input area. The use of batteries can extend the time-redundancy of equipment with a solar energy source up to 48 hours, if you use Advanced Battery Management. Instead of the constant charging current of a weak battery is charging only when needed, thus extends battery life. Developed new schematics include geliogeneratora generated by solar energy, as a reserve and an additional source for the consolidated computing infrastructure.

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