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Problems of information guidance homeostasis of the organism by means of electromagnetic radiantions of the millimetric range and their basic directions resolutions


S. N. Darovskikh

In operation it becomes perceptible that a hypothesis аkаd. Devjatkova N.D. about an endogenous parentage of high sensitivity of alive organisms to EMR a millimetric range, not to the full reflects variety of interaction of organisms with EMR microwave range. Examinations of last decade specify in necessity of the account for homeostasis maintenance for organisms of exogenetic factors and in particular the space microwave background which spectrum lies not only in millimetric, but also in centimetric, and decimeter ranges of lengths of waves. The thermodynamic approach to an estimate of mechanisms of various views of physical actions on an organism stated in article, allows to spot a priori their efficiency and possible restrictions at application. The new principles of information control formulated in operation by an organism homeostasis have allowed to frame highly effective physiotherapeutic devices in the microwave oven a range of lengths of waves for preventive maintenance and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases of the person. Introduction of these devices in public health services system will allow considerably (by 25-30 %) to reduce requirement of the population for medicinal preparations, to reduce to a quarter an organism residence time in an illness state, to avoid any complications in the course of treatment.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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