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Application of electric circuits computer analysis methods to simulations of biological structures resonant frequencies


I. V. Malyshev, N. V. Parshina

In this item were considered the biological structures consists from «cell membrane – protoplasm» in 4 variant forms of equivalent displacement electric circuits, which may generalizately explained the skin cells resonant properties. In the capacity of Cm(p)i , Lm(p)i , Rm(p)i – parameters were took the values, received from electrophysical parameters that finded out from different notes extended data. There are not constants for all cell values, so far as exists on all cell parameters dispersion (dielectric penetrability, thickness and radius of cell membrane, phospholipin fiber parameters, widh of intercell area, etc.) from which these elements are depends on. Accure the dielectric penetrability of membrane as a variable parameter εm =2…9 what assumed the alteration of inductance Lm by using the MICROCAP program, the AFC and FFC of these circuits in frequency range 10 ... 150 GHz were extracted. In this assumption proposed that protoplasm have a constant value εm = 40. Then calculations spends for varying εp =40…80 that means changing the protoplasm capacity value. From received curves one can see that 3 eqivalent circuits , analysed in EHF range (10 ... 150 GHz), have brightly delineated resonant properties and, as far as electric model parameters were specialized, they must give more accurately describing of different cell structures as electrobiological units.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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