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Книги / Радиолокация и радионавигация

Multibeam radar as part of security systems

A.A. Lavrov, I.K. Antonov, A.S. Nenashev, S.A. Chernov
Edited by I.K. Antonov

The basics principles of construction, the basic modes and signal processing algorithms, potential radar multipath characteristics with digital beamforming at work as part of security systems. Showing their potential low-speed detection of small targets, as well as meteorological support in solving problems. Signal processing algorithms are described, methods of forming the functional requirements for components or software structure. The structure of the programs of calculation and simulation features.

М: Publisher «Radiotekhnika», 2017 y. – 216 pages: , pict.

ISBN 978-5-93108-151-9
Format: 60x90/16, Binding, cover

Chapter 1. Overview of multi-beam radars as part of security systems.

Chapter 2. Signals and their processing in the multi-beam radar.

Chapter 3. Digital methods research and simulation of multibeam radar.

Chapter 4. The shape and the characteristics of potential security multibeam radar in various ranges of radiation.

Chapter 5. Objectives and methods of signal processing of multi-beam radars in the mode of detection of air targets.

Chapter 6. Measurement of the wind velocity vector in multibeam radar.

Chapter 7. Requirements for equipment receiving channels multibeam radar.

Chapter 8. Multibeam radar in the complexes of objects of protection.

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